River of Life – Kent, WA

ellispromedia Integration

Ellis Pro Media (EPM) is excited to announce the team’s design and installation of a new Electo-Voice sound system at River of Life Fellowship in Kent, WA.


EPM was called upon by River of Life as they were experiencing poor coverage and a lack of impact and intelligibliity with their current system. After analysis of their system, it was revealed that incorrect horn patterns had been installed causing interference resulting in hot spots and dead zones. The speakers and subs also suffered from improper time allignment. “A hodgepodge of propietary and various manufacturer subwoofers improperly processed and aligned with the main speakers created a lack of low frequency impact” notes Jesse Mittleider, EPM Integration Director.


EPM removed the original 4 subs and 9 high-mid speakers with a new speaker system consisting of 4 flown EVF-2151D Subs and 6 EVF-D 12 speakers. The EVF-Ds were chosen for their low distortion, high efficiency, and budget friendlieness. Using EV CPS amps along with the NetMax N8000 with FIR filters delivered correct power and system processing to the speakers.


River of Life is thrilled with their new system and congregants are enjoying the greatly improved sound in the Auditorium. “it’s just so clear,” commented FOH enginner Jonathan Guddat.


EPM transformed the system and sound at River of Life Fellowship.