Puyallup Foursquare – South Campus

ellispromedia Integration, What We're Proud Of


Ellis Pro Media (EPM) has installed all of the lighting, audio, video, and network for Puyallup Foursquare Church’s new South Campus. Located at 16120 Meridian East, Puyallup, WA, the church held its first service on Easter Sunday. The campus consists of three primary areas: the main auditorium, which seats up to 1300, the kids’ auditorium, and a spacious lobby featuring a coffee shop and, soon, a children’s play tree.

In the main auditorium, EPM installed an audio system around their Avid SC48 console but upgraded it to the digital snake. All of the floor pockets on the stage were routed back to the rack room where it was patched into the digital snake and back to front of house. The four hanging ElectroVoice EVH Speakers, combined with four KV2 subs recessed in the front of the stage, produce great sound throughout the entire room with significant headroom. EPM chose to use Dante and Symetrix for the entire campus, allowing for audio to be routed anywhere in the building.


This is the first time Ellis Pro has been able to do every light using LED and DMX technology. For the house lights in the main auditorium, lobby, and kids’ room, we used the Light Source House LED Fixtures. These are balanced for 3000K to produce a nice warm light. They have a very nice throw with 80-degree beam distribution and a very solid housing. The best thing about these lights is that they controllable over ethernet with DMX, which is integrated into automated control with Crestron. Also, since the LED lights draw significantly less power than tungsten or fluorescent lights, the number of circuits required for lighting was dramatically reduced.

For the stage lighting, we used Chauvet Ovation Series pars, fresnels, and ellipsoidals. Again these all utilized LED technology allowing them to be powered over simple 110v circuits and controlled over DMX through the Jands lighting console we installed. All of the lights are hung from theatrical lighting pipe grid that we installed in the main auditorium and in the kids’ room.


The video system in the main auditorium uses Panasonic HE-120 PTZ Robotic Cameras for side shots as well as two camera platforms with HD-SDI for the church’s pre-existing cameras. All of these cameras are controlled remotely from the control room which centers on the Black Magic Atem 2 M/E switcher. Two Mac computers run ProPresenter and supply the graphics and video servers with a record on Hyperdeck. The campus is able to live-stream the services to the web, and EPM is in the process of integrating bi-directional streaming between the North and South Campus over fiber internet.

To allow for growth of the church’s production staff, EPM planned out the control room with expandability in mind. The room is furnished with custom desks that EPM designed and built for the video equipment.


The kids’ room has a smaller ElectroVoice audio system controlled by an Allen & Heath console. The same Chauvet LED Lighting is used as well. Graphics are run to hanging monitors from ProPresenter.

In the main lobby, TVs play video from the main control room, and hanging EVID speakers can receive feed from any source in the building. The lights are DMX LED again and everything in the lobby can be automatically controlled over Crestron from wall panels or an iPad.


Ellis Pro Media was responsible for running all of the wiring for audio, lighting, video, and network. This also included distributed audio and video throughout the building. The server room currently houses four racks with an additional one being installed in the near future for broadcast audio. Everything in the building routes back to the server room allowing for easy patching and control.

The South Campus is currently holding services, but its official launch weekend is May 31/June 1.