ellispromedia Integration, What We're Proud Of

Ellis Pro Media (EPM) was presented with a unique challenge at NewHope South Hill: in an hour or less, how do you set up church in a movie theater? To solve this question, EPM custom-designed a complete set-up that folds down to fit inside a box truck.

EPM built the audio system around a KV2 speaker system with the new Behringer X32 console. The X32 is an amazing digital console at its price point, and uses a digital snake and Behringer’s own personal monitoring system that is very classy and cost-effective. EPM also arranged a full wireless- and wired-mic set-up using Shure microphones.


Lighting was designed around Chauvet Ovation LED ellipsoidals for front light on trees and colored LED strips along the back of the stage for colored backlight. All the lights are controlled by a Jands Stage CL Lighting Console.

EPM chose a projector that smoothly fills the cinema screen of the theater and can be fed from an iPad running Planning Center Projector.


Quick set-ups can struggle with sourcing enough power, so EPM selected a power distro service that can be set up extremely quickly. Rubberized quad boxes on the end of electrical cords make set-up very easy and are durable.

Since there is no stage in a movie theater, EPM provided them with Intellistage. The stage is stored in pieces that quickly snap together to create a full platform for the band.


Every piece of equipment has been carefully organized into road cases that can be rolled in and unloaded. Within an hour of rolling the truck in, the theater has been transformed into a fully operational church auditorium.