Beyond Home

ellispromedia Integration

The Ellis Pro Media (EPM) Team has installed the sound system, cameras, lighting, and stage for the new live performance space and VIP lounge of Beyond Home and B47 Studios in Seattle.

Construction in Progress

Beyond Home and B47 Studios already had gorgeous glass lighting fixtures, but needed a complete technology implementation. EPM ran wiring to the existing studio so that the live venue will have complete access to the resources of the studio video servers and the control room can be routed for switching the cameras in the live venue.

EPM constructed the stage using the Intellistage system with custom-made black curtains, which enhances the intimate feel of the room.

The stage and curtains

The Yamaha CL3 board serves as the mixing console for the system with all the audio being run over Dante. The sound system is a KV2 system with two ES1.8 subs and two ESD10 speakers, which fill the room with amazing clear sound .

EPM used only Chroma Q lights. Chroma Q Studio Force lights in the front give off a beautiful white wash that look fantastic on camera, while the Chroma Q Color Force lights above the curtains allow full range of color spectrum for any look required. All the lights are controlled by the Stage CL lighting board through DMX.

Three newly-installed Panasonic HE-120 robotic cameras allow the venue to create a more welcoming environment for guests without taking up significant floor space for camera platforms. The robotic control is extremely smooth and the mounts have a wide range of motion.


Mounted screens throughout the venue allow the audience to interact with presentations from the stage.

When finished, EPM enhanced the beautiful antique lighting fixtures of Beyond Home and B47 Studios with new technology and stunning ambience for shooting live events in a VIP lounge setting.